Terms & Conditions

The User represents that it has inspected the rental space and facilities and accepts the same in “as is” condition. The user is responsible for leaving the space in the same condition he found it in.
The User shall pay the monthly fee in advance for each month he occupies the rental space.
All of the terms of this Agreement are subject to change by the Operator upon thirty (30) days written notice to the User. If the User does not agree to any change made by the Operator; the User may terminate this Agreement upon thirty days written notice to the Operator.
It is understood and agreed that the User will be denied access to the rental space and will pay a fixed rate charge of $15.00 per month if the monthly fee or other charges are not received within ten (10) days of the due date. NSF cheques shall subject the User to a minimum fee of $45.00 to defray the cost of handling.  It is further understood that, if the monthly fee or other charges are not received within sixty (60) days of the due date, the undersigned authorized the Operator to enter the rental space and sell or dispose of the contents stored therein. Any monies received from the sale of the contents shall be applied to outstanding fees or other charges less any costs resulting from the forced entry by the Operator. The balance of any monies received plus all costs incurred by the Operator resulting from the sale or disposal of the contents of the rental space shall be mailed to the User within sixty (60) days of the completion of the sale or disposal of the contents. The User shall not hold the Operator responsible for any loss of any or all of the contents stored in the rental space under any circumstances.
The User agrees that it will not use the rental space for any unlawful purpose, and it warrants that it is the legal owner of all the property placed in the rental space. The User agrees that it will not use the rental space for any unlawful purpose, and it warrants that it is the legal owner of all the property placed in the rental space. The User further represents that there are no liens on the property placed, or to be placed in the rental space.
The User agrees that he will not place or store any food items or any flammable, chemical, odorous, explosive, combustible, noxious or other inherently dangerous material or object in the rental space at any time, or other items which shall be in violation of the Board of Health, Sanitation, Police or Fire Department or other appropriate governmental agency or cause or create a nuisance in or upon or connected with the rental space during the term of this Agreement. If the User does store any prohibited substance or object in the rental space, the User agrees that it will reimburse Operator for any expense incurred by the Operator as a result of any claim or demand made against the Operator or lawsuit brought against the Operator. The User assumes complete responsibility for the contents of its rental space and all persons visiting his space, whether they are employees, guests, friends or relatives. The User agrees that no person shall be in the rental space other than during normal access hours, and that animals shall be prohibited at all times.
The Operator shall not be responsible for carrying any insurance insuring the User’s property, the User or his invitees. The Operator shall further not be liable for damage to any person or property at any time in the rental space or the building for which it is a part from steam, gasses, electrical, water, rain or snow regardless of cause nor for any inconvenience or discomfort arising out of the necessity of repairing the rental space or any portion of the facilities.
The User agrees that, in the event it becomes necessary for the Operator to bring any legal action against the User, the User will reimburse the Operator for all costs and solicitor’s fees.
The User may not assign any rights under this Agreement without the written consent of the Operator.
The User agrees not to paint any signs on the outside or inside of the building.
The Parties hereto waive their respective subrogation rights as to one another.
In the event of any emergency, or if requested to do so by police or fire officials, the Operator shall have the right at all times to enter the rental space for the purpose of inspecting the conditions thereof.
All rights granted to the User hereunder shall be subject to and subordinate to the rights of any present or future mortgagee of the real property upon which the storage building is located.
The Operator has a lien on all property of the user held at the facility for occupancy charges or any other charges past due or due in the future and for expenses necessary and reasonably incurred for the protection of any monies due to the Operator. This lien is superior to any other lien or security interest and goes into effect as of the date the property is brought to the facility.
The User represents that the address given above is the address where the user can always be contacted and where all notices can be sent.  The User represents and warrants it will immediately notify the Operator in writing of any change of address.
Thirty (30) days written notice is required when vacating the premises in order to have the security deposit refunded. The User is to come to the office after he has vacated the space and cleaned it out. The Operator shall then inspect such space for cleaning and damages.  At that point, the user will be given a sign out sheet. All refunds shall be made within thirty (30) days of return of possession of the rental space to the Operator.
Office open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., clients shall have 24-hour access to their units and or such additional times or changes as the Operator shall from time to time post in writing.